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2022 Winter Classes
Who could benefit ?

The course is designed and rendered by Industry Experts. The emphasis is on application of analytical skills in business settings.  It is most beneficial for mid career professionals who have some level of business understanding and want to further their skill sets for better career opportunities.

 To get the maximum benefit out of the course, you should have some experience working with excel files, be able to operate computers and install software as needed.

What should you expect to learn ?


Data Analytics 101 

Broad understanding of the data analytics field, technologies and oppotunities



From basics, all the way to using machine learning packages



Understanding of concepts and extensive hands on experience


Cybersecurity I

Understanding of concepts and extensive hands on experience

When are the course delivered?
schedule for winter session

Frequently asked questions.

Read more about different career options and salary ranges in the field of data analytics.

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We also offer Resume reviews and mock interviews. Please use the link below to sign up for it. 

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