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What does online certification mean? How is the course delivered?

Online certification means that the courses will be delivered over the interent. Classes will be conducted using the online platform The course material distribution and communication related to course will be on 


What is the cost of the program?

The Program is FREE for the participants. All software used is open source and free. You might end up paying some money to Amazon for the data in cloud course. Estimate would be 20$.


How many classes do I have to take? Can I take all classes?

We prefer if you take all classes. However, you can sign up for any number of classes. The final certificate will list the courses completed.


Are the classes related? Do I have to take all classes?

Each course covers content related to the course. While there will be general references about other courses, each course is independent from other.


How is course content shared? How is information communicated?

Course material and communication will occur on course related channels at  Course content and question/answers related to the course will be on the channel. All questions are mostly answered in a few hours.


How much time committment should I plan? 

Each course will have practice assignments and capstone project. While time taken will depend on your prior experience and skills, we suggest planning any where between 2-8 hours per week for each course.


What are other data analytics courses available?




What kind of career counselling/ support should I expect?

We will have resume review sessions and will connect you with local employers and recruitment companies.


What will I get at the end of the program? What will the final certification list?

The final certification will list the courses for which you successfully complete all assignments and capstone project.


This still doesn't answer my question. Who can I reach out to?

Use this form and send your question here. We will answer within the same day.

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