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Future Proof Your Career- Data Analytics

Updated: May 20, 2020

Data Analytics, what is it?

  • Analyzing raw data to find trends

Why should I learn this?

  • A broad field that can be applied to basically any scenario that has some form of data

  • 80,000 jobs in the US with a quick search on Indeed

  • Demand for data science skills is growing exponentially, according to job sites. The supply of skilled applicants, however, is growing at a slower pace. It's a great time to be a data scientist entering the job market

  • More employers than ever are looking to hire data scientists.

  • CAGR of 30.08% during 2017-2023

How is it applied?

- Data mining

  • Extracting data from unstructured data sources

  • Ex. written text, large complex databases, or raw sensor data

  • extract, transform and load data (often called ETL.)

- Data management

  • Designing and implementing databases that allow easy access to the results of data mining. This step generally involves creating and managing SQL databases

- Statistical analysis

  • Heart of data analytics

  • Create statistical models that reveal trends in data. These models can then be applied to new data to make predictions and inform decision making. Statistical programming languages such as R or Python (with pandas) are essential to this process.

- Data presentation

  • An essential step that allows insights to be shared with stakeholders. Data visualization is often the most important tool in data presentation. Compelling visualizations are essential to telling the story in the data which may help executives and managers understand the importance of these insights.

Important skills:

  • Python

  • SQL (Structured Query Language)

  •  Data Visualization Skills

Types of jobs:

  • IT Systems Analyst

  • Healthcare Data Analyst

  • Operations Analyst

  • Data Scientist

  • Data Engineer

  • Quantitative Analyst

  • Data Analytics Consultant

  • Digital Marketing Manager

  • Project Manager

  • Transportation Logistics Specialist

Average Salary:

  • Around 100K salaries (anywhere from 80 to 120K)

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