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Why Second Innings ? 

The technical skills and tools used at work places have evolved rapidly in the last 10 years.

People who entered the workforce 10 years ago have not been able to keep up with these changes because...

–College courses are expensive and not everyone can afford them 

–College courses are not necessarily lined up for experienced resources 

–Learning methods have changed and content has moved online 

–While online courses exist, getting started and finding the right starting point is a challenge.

Second Innings provides free of cost opportunity for the unemployed / underemployed people in the workforce to learn new skills and find better job opportunities. 

What does Second Innings provide ?

Free Educational Classes

We offer courses in the areas that have most demand for jobs.  The courses are designed by industry experts. There is a strong emphasis on hands-on practice and capstone projects. 

Career Counselling/ Placement Opportunities

We partner with local employers, recruitment companies and other organizations who provide career counselling and job interview opportunity.

Community Connection

Our classes run in local libraries and online.  The students and teachers are local to the area, and this helps us create a community that is interested in helping each other.

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