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Who could benefit ?

The course is designed and rendered by Industry Experts. The emphasis is on application of analytical skills in business settings.  It is most beneficial for mid career professionals who have some level of business understanding and want to further their skill sets for better career opportunities.

 To get the maximum benefit out of the course, you should have some experience working with excel files, be able to operate computers and install software as needed.

What should you expect to learn ?


Data Analytics 101 

The course provides broad understanding of the data analytics field, technologies and opportunities. Provides basics of data analytics including understanding of structured and unstructured data, data ingestion/storage and consumption. It also provides information about various types of analytics – descriptive/diagnostic/predictive/prescriptive. There are classes that covers concept of data visualization and machine learning.



There are many programming languages available, but Python is popularly used by statisticians, engineers, and scientists to perform data analytics because Python is easy to learn and understand and has a simple syntax and has a vast collection of libraries for numerical computation and data manipulation.

The course introduces the concepts on Python include error handling, logging, functions and using the most popular packages –numpy and Pandas. The project involves building a capstone project from the list of projects.


If notes are the way to read/write music, SQL is the language of data bases. SQL plays an important role in data analysis. SQL is the standard querying language for all the relational databases.

The course will introduce the concepts of SQL and then through hands on exercises, teach about joins, subqueries, expressions, stored procedures. It involves installing mysql server and workbench on your laptop. Instructions and help for installation will be provided.


Cybersecurity 101


The course provides detailed understanding of the concepts of cybersecurity. The course covers the concept of Security and risk management. There are hands on exercises that explain the concepts of encryption/decryption, Identity and access management, network build and network security and controls to manage security of networks. The class concludes with hands on exercise on Amazon Web services on building network and security on it.

When are the course delivered?
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Frequently asked questions.

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