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Power BI Overview

We live in the times of ever-expanding data due to this analytics is a necessity.

Why Power BI

It makes machine learning accessible to end-users. There is no need-to-know complex coding if you are not a technical person. It is a cloud-based service so you can create a report on the go. It is very affordable compared with other tools in the market.

What is Power BI

It is a self-service Business Intelligence tool. It has great capabilities. It lets you Aggregate, Analyze, Visualize and Share the data as reports.

Elements of Power BI

Power BI desktop

It is a free application that can be installed on a local computer that lets you connect to, transform, and visualize data.

Power Query

After transforming or editing your data in power query, you will be able to create effective reports and visualization.

Data Model

Relationships can be created between different tables with primary key and foreign key.

Load Data

When you load up the data in Power BI you will be seeing a blank screen.

Report View

This is where you create dashboards.

Data View

This gives you a preview of how data looks now.

Model View

It lets you customize in such a way that you can meet your business needs more effectively.


DAX is in-built function which is the formula language that is used by Power BI. You can perform various actions on the data in tables with the help of DAX.


There are many different visual types available directly from the visualization pane like bar, column, area, line, scatter, gauge charts, treemaps, Matrix, slicers, KPI, and card visuals. When you click on the chart and the template gets created in the interface, you can drag and drop the fields you need to show on a chart. You can resize or move these visuals to meet your needs.

The data you visualize may not always give you the best ideas, so it is important to change and chop the visualization to understand which part or which vertical needs to be used. It is also important to identify which components, and which fields need to be picked for effective data visualization.

Key points to remember

What questions are you trying to answer? When will you start your visualization and how can you get that to your audience?


A Power BI report might have a single page with one visual or pages full of visuals. It should be crisp and to the point to give insights into business problems.


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